Scent: Scenarios, Competencies and Education for the Near-future Tertiary Sector

Project Description

This website includes the information on the research outcomes of a group of statistical scholars who defined and analysed the top professional figures for the social and industrial services in the Veneto region. The Study Centre of the Italian Chambers of Commerce (Unioncamere) funded the project.

The operational key of the project is the definition of competencies these figures are required to possess so to meet the work needs of the firms they are destined for. The project aimed at studying, in particular, the competencies that may require an university education.

The methodological guidelines of the project were defined by a Research group (see  Participants) and published a certain number of internal papers (see Publications).
Research methodology
The study consisted in the statistical analysis, for all service sector branches, of the relationships between the firm’s activities and the inherent competencies.
The analysis started with a text mining of the verbatim data yearly collected on activities and jobs of Italian enterprises and stored into the Excelsior database.
Then – after a dictionary of competencies and a provisional dictionary of jobs were progressively created – a set of in depth interviews and focus groups were conducted on experts, managers and entrepreneurs for each economic branch and firma size. The data collection was aimed at defining their competency needs and in particular the necessity of highly qualified professional figures. The research purpose was to reverberate the market needs to the university and labour responsible people of new jobs and then of the education of newcomers in and from the higher educational system. Moreover, the dictionaries would also help the data collection methodology of the Excelsior survey yearly held by Unioncamere.
Period The project started in November 2004 and ended in November 2006.

The people who operated as a member of the Commission were:

Francesca Bardin, University of Padua
Anna Boaretto, University of Padua
Claudio Capiluppi, University of Padua
Marisa Civardi, University of Milan-Bicocca
Luigi Fabbris, University of Padua, coordinator
Marco Fattore, University of Milan-Bicocca
Piergiorgio Lovaglio, University of Milan-Bicocca
Walter Maffenini, University of Milan-Bicocca
Maria Cristiana Martini, University of Padua
Serafino Pitingaro, Study Centre of the Veneto Chambers of Commerce
Roberta Rosa, University of Padua
Gilda Rota, University of Padua
Carlo Schievano, University of Padua
Ilaria Silvestri, University of Padua
Romano Tiozzo, Study Centre of the Veneto Chambers of Commerce
Francesco Vernaci, Study Centre of the Italian Chambers of Commerce (Unioncamere)
Giorgio Vittadini, University of Milan-Bicocca
Biancamaria Zavanella, University of Milan-Bicocca
Emma Zavarrone, University of Milan-Bicocca (today IULM)
The research benefited of the work of other students and scholars who joined the Research Group after funding. The following persons contributed occasionally to the research: Erica Bezzon, Renato Chahinian, Paolo Costa, Roberta d’Acunto, Claudio M. Oliveira, Roberto Polegato.

 The Research group published the following scientific volume:

1. “Definition and representation of the relationships between some branches of the tertiary” (Luigi Fabbris, volume 1/2004) (in Italian)
2. “Employment in and competencies for the Veneto tourism enterprises” (Luigi Fabbris, editor, with contributions of Francesca Bardin, Paolo Costa, Roberta Rosa and Gilda Rota, volume 2/2005) (in Italian)
3. “Dictionary of activities, competencies and jobs in the Excelsior informative system” (Luigi Fabbris and Roberto Polegato, volume 3/2005) (in Italian)
4. “Activities and competencies of Veneto industrial clusters’ managers” (Renato Chahinian and Luigi Fabbris, volume 4/2005) (in Italian)
5. “Employment in and competencies for the Veneto R & D enterprises” (Maria Cristiana Martini and Paolo Costa, volume 5/2005) (in Italian)
6. “Employment in and competencies for the Veneto industrial service enterprises” (Luigi Fabbris, editor, with contributions of Erica Bezzon, Anna Boaretto, Paolo Costa, Roberta Rosa and Gilda Rota, volume 6/2005) (in Italian)
 7. “Employment in and competencies for the Veneto enterprises of commercial services. Events and fairs organizers” (Roberta d’Acunto, Luigi Fabbris and Roberto Polegato, volume 7/2005) (in Italian)
8. “Employment in and competencies for architecture, engineering and other companies that technically support production” (Paolo Costa, Luigi Fabbris, Claudio M. Oliveira, volume 8/2005) (in Italian)
9. “Employment in and competencies for industrial services that support enterprises’ commercial activities: market and opinion research” (Paolo Costa, Luigi Fabbris and Roberto Polegato, volume 9/2005) (in Italian)
10. “Dictionary of jobs, activities and competencies” (Luigi Fabbris and Roberto Polegato, volume 10/2005) (in Italian)