Glad - Graduates’ Labour-and-education Accomplishment Delving

Project Description

This website includes the results of the analysis conducted by an interdisciplinary group of scholars whose purpose is to analyse the quality of work of Padua University graduates and detect the groups of graduates who achieve a “good job” in their early career. A job is considered good if graduates are satisfied with it, for any aspect or for a set of relevant aspects.

The data for the evaluation of job quality are collected with the Agorà longitudinal survey and with a specific survey on job quality. With this data it is possible to evaluate how graduates change their perception of job quality at the early stages of their career. It is also possible to associate job quality perception to the type and level of university education. Moreover, it is possible to detect the causes of graduates’ unsatisfactory activities that can help the companies’ managers in promoting within-firm life quality and workers’ happiness.
A Group (see Participants) is spontaneously organizing research activities and aims to organize a scientific meeting
and publish a certain number of papers for publication in scientific journals.
PeriodThe project started in February 2008 and will be accomplished by February 2012. 

 The Research Group is described underneath.

-          prof. Giovanna Boccuzzo (Faculty of Statistics, University of Padua),
-          prof. Luigi Fabbris (Faculty of Statistics, University of Padua),
-          prof. Martina Gianecchini (Faculty of Economics, University of Padua),
-          prof. Paolo Gubitta (Faculty of Economics, University of Padua, coordinator),
-          prof. Roberta Maeran (Faculty of Psychology, University of Padua).
Other scholars joined the Group for research purposes: prof. Maria Cristiana Martini (Faculty of Communication Science, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), prof. Adriano Paggiaro (Faculty of Statistics, University of Padua), dr. Alessio Roncallo (University of Padia).